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About me personally; I work full time and I’m married to the man of my dreams. He is the hero of our romance story. My husband/hero, Robert, is also my web designer and idea man for Naughty Book Snitch.

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Favorite Genre’s ~ Under romance and erotica: BDSM, Dark/Abusive, Suspense, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Human Trafficking, Monster Erotica, Taboo, LGBT, Ménage, Orgy, Aliens, Historical, Thrillers. Really anything from “classic romance” to “oh lawd, please don’t judge me” and everything in between. 



Favorite Books: There are really too many to name but here are some stand outs.
Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts
Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole
Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward
Protecting What’s His by Tessa Bailey
Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan
The Gravedigger’s Brawl by Abigail Roux
Her Master’s Courtesan by Lily White (amazon banned)
Through the Smoke by Brenda Novak
Garrison’s Creed by Cristin Harber
The Devil and Delilah by Alana Melos



Favorite Authors: Again, to many to name but here are some stand outs.
Kresley Cole
Lily White
C.J. Roberts
Tessa Bailey
Madeline Sheehan
Cristin Harber
Setta Jay
Kit Rocha
Selena Kitt
Piper Kay
Monica McCarty
Lara Adrian
My Misfit Authors
Alana Melos




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The Viper by Kele Moon ~ Loved it!!

The Viper - Kele Moon

Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall: 4.5 stars out of 5


The Viper casting

Fantastic story about two people whose lives literally collided with a twist of bad luck. They have an instant connection and neither one can stop thinking about the other. Like night chasing the day, they couldn’t be more opposite. Katie is a history teacher and she lives a quiet normal and scheduled life. Marcos is a gangbanging street thug who lost his shot at professional MMA fighting. He’s been trying to clean up his act but his bad luck seems to chase him where ever he goes. Is it really bad luck for Katie and Marcos or is it fate steering them in the direction they’re destined to go? 

cant stop reading

“I can’t stop thinking that maybe two negatives might equal a positive.”

LOVED IT! This is my first Kele Moon book and definitely not my last. This series, Untamed Hearts is a spin off from the Battered Hearts series. I just bought all those books and plan to read them soon. 

There is one moment in this book that I had to stop and just say fuuuuuuukkkkkk…. I had to slow down my reading and just take it all in. It was so hot and sexy and and and… just amazing. I felt it all the way to my toes. When Marcos knocks on Katie’s door*shivers* best scene in the book for me. Actually each encounter these two have is off the chart hot. 

“Im gonna eat you out until you scream, chica.”

pussy dessert

“I like to watch. I wanna see your face when I take you.”

lets make out

This book will make you laugh, horny, get misty eyed and fall in love with all the characters. Marcos is a foul mouthed, dirty talkin’, bad boy who’s got a kind heart that’s caged in a lifetime of wrong turns and bad luck. 

sexy workout

My reaction to anything Marcos says and does… 

Marcos’ relationship with his cousin Chuito is definitely note worthy. I LOVE Chuito aka Slayer! Chuito plays a big part in this book. I won’t go into details but I cannot wait to read Chuito’s story. *giddy with excitement* 

crotch glitter

Katie is smart, strong and I love her sassy attitude. She’s not afraid to say “no” and will work to get what she wants. The only annoying thing about her was how she seemed to constantly compare Grayson to Marcos. 

“You’re a woman. You got what I want. Use it against me every chance you can get.”

There are several funny moments in this book and I love it when an author can literally make me laugh out loud. Marcos and Grayson’s interactions crack me up. 

Overall I loved it. The flow of this book is really good. For me, there were a couple of lull moments, but they didn’t last long. I really liked how the author introduced all the characters and I never once got confused or lost. There was action, steamy hot sex and a good story to back all this up. Even though this is a spin off series from Untamed Hearts, you don’t have to read that series to know what’s going on. 

Who would I recommend this book to? Everyone with EYES! It’s fantastic and I’m excited to read more from this author. 

slow clap

I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.

Attractive woman reading a book

Hot, sexy, great quick read!

Payce's Passions - Piper Kay

When I sit down to start a Piper Kay book, I know I'm in for a treat. I know it will be good and I know I can count on some hot and heavy sex! 

Where to start... Well, Pacey's passion picks up where A Perfect Passion left off. Payce and Braxton have a history that's left them both feeling emotionally empty. Best friends turned into one night of passion between the two of them and then they're separated by ego and misunderstanding. After seven years apart Payce and Brax will be forced to deal with their history. 

We immediately start with Damien and Dax. I thought it was strange that they got such a big part at the beginning and we didn't get to see how or why Payce comes into the picture until chapter 3. However, it does all come together and is important to the story line, so I'm ok with it. Plus I really LOVE Team DD or (Daxien)!! 

"Goddamn he smells so fucking fuckable."

I really need to talk about how Piper Kay writes a sex scene. Ummm FUCK YA!! Holy cock-grab sneak attacks, glitter dicks and bumping nasties, I was ready to start humping my kindle. When Payce and Brax first touch... it was explosive and perfect! I thought that entire scene was well written and PERFECT. Definitely a 2 finger 1 handed read moment! Actually I could say that about all the sex scenes. I think my feelings about the sex scenes that Piper Kay writes can be best described in a series of gifs. 

hottest kiss in the world

bed kiss

gay sex it hot



pussy fan

Here are a few quotes if you're not convinced from the gifs... 

"Just the way he eye fucks me makes my cock stiffen with a twinge, and a chill shoots down my spine; I erupt in goose bumps. He presses against his own cock, I know he's trying to calm the ache behind the boxers, but I don't want him calming anything right now."

"I don't yell, Brax, but if you keep talking and moaning like that, you're going to be on your knees in front of me sucking me off."

There are a lot of funny parts in this little novella and I'm pretty sure most of them are centered around Sparky. Sparky, aka Serge, is my favorite side character. I love his little flaming ass!(Side note: read the Epilogue: Passions Pride) The entire cast is pretty funny but Sparky is really the icing on the cake. 

"Shit, I'm surprised my glowing halo didn't blind you fuckers when I walked in."

"It's a wonder I don't stay in permanent boner mode when he's around."

"I told you that you couldn't handle me, mother fucker."

Now for some of the things I didn't like. Aaron, why oh why did we have to bring Aaron back? I get it... he is the connection in the story but he didn't really do anything significant except continue to get the shit beat out of him. And the way Brax an Payce were talking about him when they were young, I almost felt sorry for him and wanted him to redeem himself. I thought that the story line was ok but could have been stronger if taken in a different direction. 

What direction? I have no idea. Maybe someone from prison is trying to kill Brax to get at Payce. Maybe Brax was a witness to a murder and that's why they keep pushing each other away... to protect the other. Hell maybe they need to go on a journey through middle earth to destroy a ring that could end the world as we know it. Then along the way they could meet up with a community of sexy ass male elves who are masters of pleasure and passion and all they want to do is have awesome orgies and show you how fun kinky is. There can be wizards who create spells that give you crazy multiple orgasms and make you last all night until you pass out... Oh... sorry, I just spaced off in my own little world for a minute. 

Overall, I really liked it. Piper Kay has a fantastic talent and I love reading whatever she writes. Her stories are good, characters are strong and her sex scenes are amazing! 

I just have one thing left to say to Piper Kay... 
Thank you


Hidden Ecstasy - Setta Jay

HELLO PROLOGUE!! I've found a new author to fangirl over... Setta Jay
excited faint

I think I liked this one more because I read it after Ecstasy Unbound and Ecstasy Claimed so I knew the characters and what they're about. Maybe? I don't know.. but I really loved this one and it just clicked on all cylinders for me. 

I just LOVE Setta Jay's dirty talkin men and Vane is a nice addition to this category! Aaaaaannnddd then we have Brianne.... she is just as filthy mouthed as the rest of the men and I love it. She will make you blush. 

hard makeout

One more thing.... Setta Jay has the BEST quotes! I wont give all my favorites out, but this short story really packs a punch. 

"Yield, and I'll eat your little pussy... first."

"I'm going to fuck you unconscious, and then take your hot little ass as payment for making me wait."

lick my kindle

This is FREE on Amazon and B&N so there is no risk in trying it. Hope you love it as much as I do.

If you love PNR then you should read this!

Ecstasy Claimed (The Guardians Of The Realms Series) - Setta Jay

I'm not really sure where to start. I really enjoyed the story and sex in Ecstasy Unbound but I liked this one a lot more. I'm finally getting a better sense of the characters and the world building was a lot clearer. We are introduced to some more terminology and again a glossary would have been really helpful, but I managed. The kinky fuckery in this book is off the charts. Whew! This book will turn you on! I absolutely love the Paradeisos Island scene! That was a super charged hot MFFM action scene. 

ride it

Gregoire... you lived up to my expatiations. You are one huge*waggles eyebrows* alpha, dirty talking male. After Uri and Alex's mating ceremony, Gregoire decides it time to claim his mate. He's been watching over her for the past 25 years waiting for her to reach majority. A girl can really develop a complex from waiting that long. Gregoire is super caveman when it comes to Alyssa. Dont touch or look like you want to touch and definitely don't smell her hair. Gregoire gets pissed off if the dog shows too much attention to his mate. 

My Gregoire
Gregoire huge

Alyssa is like a tiny Chihuahua. Shes tiny but packs a mighty punch. Alyssa is smart and strong but has some self-esteem issues. She isn't your average Immortal. She's been small her entire life, she's never been envied by any man and the mate she knows is out there, has never come to claim her. Alyssa has the typical human fairy tale dreams of her prince coming to sweep her off her feet, but that doesn't happen in the Immortal world. So Alyssa and her BFF Rain, decide to go on a vacation and the goal is for Alyssa to lose her virginity and gain some experience for when her mate does decide he wants to claim her. 

My Alyssa

When Gregoire finally gets Alyssa... Its fireworks in the panties!
over the shoulder
shirt off

"Open your eyes. I want you to see who owns this pussy."

panty drop

"This possessiveness you've unleashed and decide to toy with isn't tame. Keep that in mind when you poke the beast, like you were just doing. If you let anyone touch you, they die. You're mine."

lick it

"Take the shirt off; get on your hands and knees with your ass in the air. Im hungry for your sweet-smelling pussy."

vagina fan

"If we don't leave now, I'm going to toss the skirt over your ass and fuck you in front of that mirror."

finishing move

Overall I freaking loved this book! I was super happy to get more Erik and Sam and see how they are dealing with their mating and how they get their HEA. I think it's funny but pretty anticlimactic what happens to Cyrill. There is a copious amount of sex in the book. Its fantastic sex, but really almost borderlined on too much. I know, I know... don't judge. But the sex is fantastic with a good story to back it up. I loved it. 

panty flinger

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Purified - Brian Robert Smith
“This was a Prison to Mason. His crime had been death itself, and he had been sentenced with life.”

Mason Bushing just died only to be reborn as a dead man walking thanks to Dr. Harlow's Purify drug. The insane Doctor is conducting human experiments for his drug called Purify. This drug brings the dead back to the living and Purifies their bodies. Mason is one of Dr. Harlow's test subjects and Mason is determined to break free and get his old life back. He sets out to find his wife Jill only to find out she's moved on and is enjoying the insurance money she received when Mason "died"

“This Mason's magnificent. This Mason is miraculous. This Mason has evolved.”

Some of the things I liked about this book are that it is very unique and has an interesting concept. It was a little confusing to start and slow for me; however it didn’t take long for me to get sucked in. I was intrigued and captivated by the characters and the premise of the story. I kept trying to figure out what was going to happen and never once did I predict any part of it. Once I learned who all the characters were, the story was easy to follow and flowed well. I loved the concept of scientific underground experiments and evolution. It sort of reminded me of "Island of Dr. Moreau" and "The Fly". I was very interested in the rejects and other people in the Purified program. 


Some of the things I didn't like are that there is so much going on in this story that I feel its skates around the actual plot and makes the story feel a little chaotic and lost. [spoiler]You have insurance fraud, an affair with the BFF's wife, a cop who's trying charge you with multiple murders and he also has a wife who recently passed away and [/spoiler] All I really want to know about is Dr. Harlow and the Purified experiments. My sci-fi hat is on and I'm getting the fiction imagery but not the science of a sci-fi story. I also feel like I got a lot of unnecessary background from the characters that could have been inserted into character conversations or internal dialogue. Maybe leave a little for the reader to figure out. It really felt like page filler to me. Something else that bothered me was the over usage of the words reluctant/reluctantly/reluctance was annoying me. And finally the one big thing I didn't like is that the ending of the story leaves you hanging. Dont get me wrong, it does have an ending but I feel it ended too soon. The entire story was wrapped up on one page. It felt rushed and I really wanted/needed an epilogue. What happened to Mason and Linda? Were there any witnesses to the big escape? What about Stace and Warren? What happened to the nurses at the compound and at the hospital. How many people were really helping Dr. Harlow? I know what happened to Dr. Harlow, but isn't anyone going to talk about the elephant in the room? Come on! In my opinion I feel like this is incomplete. 


Overall, it was an interesting read. If you like the fiction of a story without the science to back it up then this may be the book for you. This book has interesting characters and there are a few heart pumping moments. I did enjoy the story but was hoping for a little bit more science and a better conclusion. I would read more from this author and am interested in seeing how his writing style improves over time. I know that authors can't make everyone happy and something that I don't care for may be what someone else loves. So when choosing a book I look at the good, the bad and the okay reviews to get an overall perspective. 


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wild Ride - Juliette Jones

Well, well, well... what a WILD RIDE!!! I wasn't sure what to expect when I sat down to read this today and I was very pleasantly pleased. I was hooked from page one. I could relate to Lacey's situation with the self-centered, nasty, abusive, exboyfriend. Of course I never met up with two hunky Texans, but this is fantasy after all. 

joy ride

This was a fantastically erotic story about a girl in a bad relationship, stuck at a dead end job in a nowhere town. After a heated argument with her boyfriend... who hits her, she bolts and never looks back. She barley crossed the border into Texas when a couple of good looking Texans pick her up. They all get to know each other very, very well and this is their story. 

joy ride

This has some really well written sex scenes! LAWD its hot! I need a cold shower and about an hour alone with my husband. Lacey, Riley and Nate are molten together. Not only is the sex scorching, but the story is really, good too. I didn't want it to end. With that being said, we do get a very sweet HEA. 

holding hands

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Her Master's Courtesan (Masters #1) - Lily White


"This book contains graphic descriptions of sexual and physical violence. This is not a light and fluffy story. This is NOT at love story. There are no unicorns, fluffy kittens, squish feelings or hearts and flowers. This is a story filled with mindfuckery. If you are looking for love - you've come to the wrong place. I cannot stress that enough. If you are agreeable with these terms - please proceed and have a nice day.

What is this book about? Aiden. Why is it about Aiden? Because the reader only wants what pleases our Master. It's all about Aiden and what makes him happy. Aiden is the best in his field. He captures women, breaks them down and trains them to be slaves/courtesans and sells them. He is the Master. 

"This was about power, about dominance - about taking a woman who believed she was something to be valued and making her realize she was nothing more than a cunt to be fucked and body to be controlled.

Well, where to begin? This book, in my opinion is a masterpiece . The warning above really says it all. I love and really enjoy dark romance/love stories. I like to walk the edge of the taboo and sometimes dipping my toe in to see how it makes me feel. I have to be honest and say that I don't think this is the darkest book I've ever read in regards to sexual violence but it is probably the most thorough in regards to breaking a person down. Lily White is very consistent with her story and not once did she let up on the touchy feely stuff. Every time you think you might catch a break... you get bitch slapped back into submission. 

fuckery abuse

Rape. Again, if you don't like dark erotica and can't handle rape scenes then this is not the book for you. Of course rape is bad and in real life its extremely tragic and horrible. Nobody wishes that on anyone. With that being said, Lily White writes her scenes so well that you are conflicted with your feelings. Just as she turns the characters feelings and emotions against their own bodies reactions, she does the same thing with the reader. It will turn you on! I will admit that I really liked it and it made me uncomfortable and question what was wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with me. This is a fantasy fiction and different from my own reality. This is not real world and exactly why I love to read. 

I read this book with a friend of mine and she said "all the other"dark" books that I've read seem amateur compared to this one." My friend is suffering from a severe book hangover right now from reading this and I don't blame her. Its super intense and really fucking good! I don't know that I agree that all the other dark book that I've read are amateur compared to this one, however I do agree that Master/Aiden is definitely more consistent with his "training" and therefore makes this a dark erotic read. If you, the courtesan, screw up and break a rule; you will be punished for it, regardless how much you beg and say you're sorry. Mmm shivers 

Aiden: Aiden is fucked up and twisted. He is a Master at what he does and that makes him a monster. He is cruel, abusive, egocentric, narcissistic, manipulative and selfish. Aiden has killed and not given it a second thought. He is not the "hero" of this story. He never does anything redeeming. He is who he says he is without remorse. Everything he does is calculated and planned. His views, behavior and values never waver and he is always in control. Yet... I really like him and he makes you feel like he is your hero. 

"This life doesn't involve bullshit BDSM rules; there are no safe words in what I do. The courtesans that I tailor have no control over what happens to them. They are utterly devoted without the feeling that they have a say in the decisions made for their lives."

yes master

Rebecca: What can I say about Rebecca. She makes my heart hurt for her. I can feel her pain and her internal struggle. She has a strong will that she continues to hold onto but it's being slowly chipped away. She is made to believe that she wants and appreciates her current situation. She is given freedom of responsibility, societal expectations, freedom of the life she thought she wanted. Rebecca has a submissive body but a dominant mind. 

Duke: You are a super sick fuck! 
Mr. Carlisle: I hate you and your son. 

Overall, I LOVED this book and can't wait to read the next one in the series. Lily White has a new fan! Right now I think you can only buy this book at Barnes and Noble . Which really surprises me because Amazon for some reason has pulled this for some narrow minded reason. I've read darker stories than this. 

all tied up

Ecstasy Unbound (The Guardians of the Realms Series) (Volume 1) - Setta Jay

Setta Jay… you dirty little bird you! I likey : )) What a fantastic start to what Im sure will be an amazing series. You know how you can tell you’re reading a fantasy? Its not the telekinesis or the transporting from realm to realm. Its not that there are Gods and Demi-Gods or mating frenzy’s or even hell hounds. Nope. How you can tell you’re reading a fantasy, is when a man tells you that he will financially support your shoe habit and he means it. I think I fell a little bit more in love with Uri when he agreed to this.

lick your face

Lets see if I can attempt to explain what the story is about. The Gods have really messed up the realms and were doing terrible things to other Immortals. So the “Creator” has charged 11 Guardians to watch over the realms while the Gods are punished and put to sleep until they’re needed again. This story is about Urian and Alexandra (Alex). These two have been eyefucking each other for centuries. Urian and his fellow Guardian and friend, Gregoire visit BDSM clubs and have sex with human females and sometimes Alex will show up and watch (Mmmm, delicious and hawt!)

Alex has “visions” or “mind hops” and tries to help this woman she knows has been kidnapped and is currently being tortured. Well, then shit start to happen and that’s all I can really say without giving anything away.

This book has a good story, very dirty and delicious sex, hot hunky men with HUGE members, sexy, strong and smart women, Immortals with some mythology background and light BDSM undertones. From the prologue I was hooked. I had very clear visuals in my head on how the world/realm looked. Then right off the bat we’re treated to an awesome kinky sex scene in the club! Oh my sweet perverted little mind… it was really good. Bravo Setta Jay, Bravo!

kitty spank

Now for some of the things that I didnt like. There is a huge cast of characters and a lot of confusing names and places. It was difficult to keep everyone straight. It would have made it a lot easier to keep track if there was a glossary of terms, names of people and places and what their job/duty/rank/race and realm is. Also I got really tired of hearing how tall all the men were. It was nice, but not necessary.

Overall I flippin loved this book! The sex is super charged hot, the characters are well developed, the story line is unique and interesting and it has a little humor thrown in. I had a couple of laugh out loud moments and I love it when that happens. When Alex and Uri first get together you can almost feel the sexual need pouring out of the pages. I do need to warn you about a rape scene that some people may have a hard time with. However, the way it played out sort of left me conflicted on my feelings about it. You just have read it to understand what Im talking about because I sort of enjoyed it, but I didn’t at the same time. Uri’s fellow Guardian, Gregoire is someone I cant wait to read more about. His “member” is described to favor his equine half *waggles eyebrows* and I want to ride him like a rodeo queen. I can not wait to read his book!! Im also extremely interested in finding out what happens to Erik and Sam.

Gregoire... I have one thing to say to you and your huge member!
lets bang

Some of my favorite quotes:

“That’s it Vane!!!! The next time you take my straightener, I’m going to plug it in and attach it to your balls.” 

“Keep eating me up with those eyes, little goddess, and Ill be so deep inside that hot little pussy you wont remember what you came here for.” 

“I plan to bury every inch of my cock inside all that wet heat.”

Cast of Characters:
Draken ~ son of the Aphrodite and Immortal half dragon/leader of the Guardians
Cyril son of Appolo
Realm of Corrupt Souls
Realm of Pure Souls
Realm of Humanity and Tetartos
Aletheia race
Mageias (witches/mates for immortals)

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Beyond Pain  - Kit Rocha

Oh my sexy, broken tortured souls, kinky, erotic, fuckathon with a steamy, carnal, sensual and beautiful story! I really don't think there are enough words to describe how I feel about this book but I just loved it. Best one of the series so far. 

fanning vagina

fanning vagina

To be honest, I wasn't really sure I was going to like this because I haven't really been feelin Six. Well, Kit Rocha proved me wrong. Six is badass on the outside, tough on the inside with a dash of girlie feels. I freaking love her! She knows that she's a little fucked up and broken but is working on herself and her comfort levels. She's learning to trust because she's only ever relied on herself. 

My Six
Six kit rocha

Bren is smart, patient, tough as nails, trained killer who's out for revenge on the one man that betrayed him in Eden. I really like that he doesn't push Six into anything. He waits for her to make the move or give the signal that she's ready for something more, still letting her know that he's there for her if she needs it. He doesn't try to "fix" her but gives her the tools to feel comfortable and take care of herself. He gives her space. 

My Bren
Bren kit rocha

Sex: Yes! Oh my goodness it was very good and by very good I mean I'm putting this in my two finger one handed read category. Bren is a giver and never takes more than Six can handle. Since this is all new to Six, she's trying to discover exactly what she likes and what she doesn't like. Six has to trust and open herself to the O'Kane's and Bren and that's not easy for anyone. My most favorite scene in all the books I've ever read was when Lex, Rachel and Dallas put on a show. Oh ho it wasHAWT! It was sexy, sensual, raw and voyertastic. I could put myself in Six's shoes and experience what she was feeling. I would probably react the same way so I could relate to her reactions. This scene started at 44% and went to 52%! UGG! I just loved it!! 


turn on

A couple of things that I didn't like but not that significant for me to dock any stars... The fall of Russell Miller was anticlimactic and frankly I was a little disappointed. Bren has been waiting for years for this moment. Also, there really wasn't a lot of suspenseful action. This story is mainly about two people healing and finding each other in a very unlikely way. 

Overall, I LOVED it! If you like amazing sex, ménage with a dash of f/f and m/m, fantastic healing, romance and love story in a dystopian setting, then this is the series for you. I can NOT wait to read Beyond Jealousy with Rachel, Cruz and Ace!!! 

panty dropper

I would like to say one last thing to team Kit Rocha... 
lesbians with you

Some of my favorite quotes: 
"Once I have you up against the hood of a car with my hand in your pants, you'll change your mind." 

“Fucking. It doesn't start when you get naked, not the way I do it." 

"You can have my body. You'll take better care of it than I ever have." 

"He didn't start slow. Instead, he plunged into her in time with Dallas's next thrust, trusting that the visual combined with the sensation would driver her higher. Harder." 

"Suck my cock," he rasped. "I want to fuck your face before I fuck your pussy." 

"I love you, but so help me, Brendan Donnelly... If you screw this up by not admitting you need her, I'm going to let my cat pee in your bed every night for the next ten years." 

"Why do you think being a better man matters so damn much? The sex, that's good, but it's not the prize. Trust is the prize, and the fights not about winning it or keeping it. It's about deserving it, and that's a fight a man's got to have with himself. Every fucking day."

Mine To Crave (Mine - Romantic Suspense) - Cynthia Eden

This one is my favorite in the series so far! I just loved it. It was just the right mix of suspense, mystery, romance and some really hot sex scenes. 

"In a flash, he'd rolled her over, positioning her on her knees. He wanted in her even deeper. 'Hold the headboard,' he ordered. Her hands curled over the wood. 'Hold tight,' he whispered into her ear."

Drake Archer is super sexy, badass who will take what he wants. Jasmine Bennett is a fantastic heroine. She is an 'information retrieval specialist', shes smart and able to take care of herself. Shes been on her own since she was fifteen and shes learned to survive. Drake and Jasmine both have a tortured past full of lies and betrayal. 

Some things that I love about this book are the character development. I thought all the characters were well developed and just the right sort of complicated. I even thought the secondary characters were so well developed that I wouldn't be surprised if they got their own books. Of course Drake is my favorite and Im read to throw myself at him and have his babies. The storyline, suspense and mystery are all great and kept me guessing.The sex scenes were panty melting! Seriously, almost made me slide out of my seat just reading. 

When Drake speaks this is what happens to women everywhere... 
panty dropper

The few things I didn't like about this book is the constant pushing back and forth between Drake and Jasmine. One minute you're all 'I cant live without her' then you're 'shes better off without me'. The same goes for Jasmine although she wasn't as bad about it. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that Drake has been on his own for a VERY long time and now all of the sudden he spots this gorgeous red head in his bar and he gets all insta-possessive. 

Overall, it loved it. This was a super fast read and I had a hard time putting it down. The flow of the book was great, he characters were well developed and the plot was complicated but easy to follow. The sex is so awesome that I feel like I might have to take a pregnancy test after this. If you love romantic suspense then the Mine series is for you! You wont be disappointed. 


I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Monster Erotica... yes please!

Wicked Siren 1: Monster Female Horror Erotica - J.M. Keep
"If you require content warnings: this particular story contains upsetting scenes, monster sex, vagina dentata, breeding, reluctance and charm magic."

Ok, I'll admit that Im a little bit of a freak and I'm really digging Monster Erotica. There are a few things that I love in my strange and unusual category; monsters, weird and hot sex, maybe a little taboo and ridiculousness. But what will really make me read something is a warning label about content and/or banned due to content. This is a recipe for a freaky fun read. 

This short story is about a siren who's on the hunt for her next meal. She lures a fisherman into her clutches only to discover he's somehow different. He's got magic coursing through his body and she decides to breed with him. He catches glimpses of what she really looks like but doesn't turn away. 

Overall this was a good read. The one sex scene we got was good(it's only 30 pages, what do you expect). The story was interesting but I needed a little bit more dirty from the story. Some of the things I didn't like was that it kept changing POV's without warning and the sex was good but not terribly hot. I will be reading more from J.M. Keep and I've already recommended this to a friend who I know likes monster erotica. 

siren mermaid

Vagina dentata (Latin for toothed vagina) describes a folk tale in which a woman's vagina is said to contain teeth, with the associated implication that sexual intercourse might result in injury or castration for the man involved. Thank you Wikipedia

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The Real Housewives of Olympus - Saranna DeWylde

Buddy read with Kay Dirty Girls' Good Books’

First I want to say that I love Greek Mythology and I especially love it in my romance! Im not an expert by far but I do enjoy it. I've waited a long time to read this book and I was not disappointed. It was fantastic. I laughed a lot, cried and got really mad at the characters. This book was surprisingly an emotional roller coaster and I did not expect it to get so serious. 






This is a story about 5 Goddess on Ambrosia Lane and told from their point of view. Hera is the experienced and manipulative Goddess. Abstinence is the new Goddess on the block who is innocent but wise. Persephone is the spoiled Godling who's trying to find herself and stand on her own. Nyx is the BFF Goddess you can talk to about anything. Demeter is the bitter Goddess who blames everyone else for her misery. 

Throw some hot Gods into the mix and you've got yourself a recipe for steamy sex scenes, good humor and a downright fabulous story. I have to be honest and say that I did not like Hera through out most of the book. My girl Kay Dirty Girls' Good Books’ absolutely loved her but I just wanted to punch her in the throat. Hera is one of those characters you love to hate. Or, I love to hate. 

I loved the few references to Kansas and Missouri. It's always nice to hear your hometown mentioned in books. It doesn't happen very often since I'm right in the middle of the US. Believe it or not but Kansas and Missouri just aren't that exotic. 

Overall, I loved it. The sex was good and didn't overshadow the story. The humor was great and I had some real laugh out loud moments. The characters have depth and emotion that will knock you off your rocker. And finally the story is fantastic and will keep you guessing. DeWylde has a new fan! 

Favorite Quotes:
"That's always an option, but no, it wasn't only to give you a mustache ride. We do have a quit a sense of community here on Olympus." 

"Zeus is paranoid as a meth head when it comes to his rule." 

"Oh, that's going to bo over like a steaming pile of Cyclops shit." 

"No, just wait before you whip out the crotch puppet." "I don't have a 'crotch puppet', son. Do you need an anatomy lesson too, because I thought we had this discussion when you were much younger?" 

"But I want to, Hera. I want to taste you on my lips and feel you clench around my fingers and tongue. I want to hear you scream my name and when I do fuck you, I want your nails so deep in my back I bleed." 

"You are so full of Kraken crap, Zeus. It's another line to get into another pair of knickers." 

~Cover Reveal~ Breaking Away (Assassins #5) by Toni Aleo




YAY! Breaking Away has a cover! Take a look at this beauty!






Release: June 10, 2014







BREAKING AWAY is a story of loss, healing, and love… where unexpected turns and heartache lead to passion.


To Nashville Assassins’ leading scoring center Phillip Anderson, playing hockey has always been easy… as natural as breathing. His life is no different. That’s until his world is turned upside down by the death of his sister. While mourning his loss, Phillip has to find a way to make his very angry sixteen-year-old niece, Claire, happy. Now, as her guardian, he discovers the only thing that seems to heal her lonely heart is dance class. But what he didn’t count on was the attraction he’d feel towards her drop-dead sexy dance teacher.


For Reese Allen, dancing has always been part of her soul. After having her heart broken in New York, she comes home with the determination to make her dance studio one of the best in Tennessee and succeeds. When she sees Claire dance for the first time, she knows the girl is bound for greatness and takes the troubled teen under her wing. Using dance as therapy, she suddenly finds herself bound to the young woman… and her hot-as-sin uncle.


However, Phillip and Reese are happy in their single lives. It’s simple. They do what they want, who they want, and how they want, but from the moment they meet, the attraction is undeniable. Soon, they are more than willing to spend just one night tangled in the sheets. But, one night turns into two, and two turns into three, until they find themselves in a repeated dance of “One Last Time” that has the potential to be something more… if only Reese and Claire allow it.


Can Phillip find a way to thaw the hearts of both the women in his life, or will he be forever trying to break them away from their pasts?







Dates: June 2nd - 13th
Promo Tour Only









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Toni Aleo is the author of the Nasvhille Assassins series: Taking ShotsTrying to ScoreEmpty Net, Falling for the Backup, and Blue Lines.

When not rooting for her beloved Nashville Predators, she’s probably going to her husband’s and son’s hockey games and her daughter’s dance competitions, taking pictures, scrapbooking, or reading the latest romance novel.

She lives in the Nashville area with her husband, two children, and a bulldog. Read more about Toni here.

Website † Facebook † Twitter † GoodReads  

Bigfoot, You ARE the Father! - Bytch Williams

Im totally digging these monster quickies! 

Denitra Addams goes onto the Murray Slobitch Show to find the father of her three month only baby. She has four potential sperm donors. Chupacabra, Bigfoot, Icelandic Elf and the Tokeloshe

I got exactly what I was expecting. A parody of the Maury Povich and Jerry Springer show with a freaky Xrated monster twist. You have your classic cast of characters; woman who sleeps around with a long list of potential daddies who just happen to be horny monsters. Don't forget the crazy and obnoxious audience that goes ballistic with cheers and boos. 

freak out

yeti fight

We get Denitra's flash backs with each of the monsters and they are weirdly hot. I was super disappointed that we didn't get a Bigfoot flashback. I mean... its in the title and we don't even get the most famous monster of them all. 

scared and horny

Overall, it was funny but more of a SALTS kind of funny (smiled a little then stopped). The sex was stupid but totally erotic. The story is quick and entertaining. I would recommend this to my friends if they are looking or something off the wall silly, completely unbelievable and pornographic. 

Silly Quotes:
"Her burgeoning breasts jiggling as she lunged for my crotch. Before I could even process what was happening, she was tearing ravenously at my fly, unzipping me and pulling out my engorged manflesh."

"I don't care how many monsters you've fucked, you're a real beast."

"You'll have to wait your turn, Murray," she said, slipping the Yeti dick back in her mouth."

In Bed with a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy) Original Edition by Banks, Maya [2011] -

I really wanted to like this one more than I did. I just couldn't connect with the characters or should I say whats her name... Mairin. 

This started out really strong. Mairin is smart, strong and unbendable and has a wonderful and beautiful heart. Then once she meets Ewan McCabe she turns into a helpless and ignorant woman. 

drop on head

One of the most annoying things about Mairin was that sheconstantly has diarrhea of the mouth. Her internal dialogue was never internal and when people would answer her she would chastise herself and say that shes really needs to stop that. 


It seemed like everyone in the McCabe clan was calling Mairin "daft". Well, I really think she was. I get that she needed to establish herself as Mistress but don't threaten to cut a horse in half in an attempt to solve a dispute over a horse. Then fire the stable master. I know what she was doing with the horse butcome on, its your first day. You should be trying to make friends and not act like a high and might bossy bitch! 

Lets not forget the I'm a tough girl but too stupid to know betteract. UGG! Okay, let me throw this out to you... I'm paraphrasing here, not quoting... You've just been shot with an arrow and may not realize it right away because of the excitement going on around you and the adrenaline rush. So after you insult your husband and his entire clan you start walking away. With a pain in your side and someone saying you've been shot... You act like nothing is wrong but know you're hurt and then act like your drunk. Its just so ridiculous! You've been shot and its not even that bad and you act like a complete idiot. It's completely unbelievable that she doesn't know whats going on. 

window licker

Its get worse from here. All Mairin does is go around pissing people off. Of course I'm not excusing Heath's actions but when I read this particular scene all I could see in my head wast this... 

snookie punch

The only redeemable part in this book is the last 20%. This was the most exciting but anticlimactic part of the book. This is the only reason why Im giving this book 2.5 stars and rounding up. This part was exciting, suspenseful and Mairin didn't got on my nerves as much. 

I know I just ranted bout Mairin but now I'm done with her. 

I did LOVE the rest of the characters in the book. I loved Ewan and all his brothers. The entire clan is awesome and I'm looking forward to reading more about them. 

Overall, this was just an ok read for me. The sex was lackluster and boring. I found myself daydreaming and didn't go back to reread the scene. I just wanted to get through it. I did really enjoy the ending of the book and all the characters in the book except the heroine. I will continue with this series but maybe at a later date.

Hillary: Tail of the Dog - Angel Gelique

WARNING: This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, torture and cannibalism.


What the fuuucccckkkk did I just read!?!?!? 

I'm still not sure how I want to rate this book, so I've listed a few different rating stars below. This is a book that I normally wouldn't read but I was craving something different and I got exactly that. I read the warning and still wanted to read it. I read the blurb and was interested and intrigued. 

Writing ~ 4 Creative Stars 
Storyline ~ 5 Creeptastic Stars 
Shock Factor ~ 5 Make me want to read with my eyes closed Stars 
My personal overall rating ~ 3.5 Stars

Please don't be detoured by my rating. This was a very well written book with a fantastic storyline. My rating is based on content and my personal comfort level. This book is not for everyone and I thought about stopping 3 or 4 times but I wanted to see this through. I'm happy that I did but my journey was a horrific trip through the mind of a psychopath. Think about a cross between Silence of the Lambs, Freeway I and II, Jeffrey Dahmer, American Psycho and Twilight Zone all wrapped in one little scary book. This was a mind fuck like I've never experienced. 


Fifteen year old Hillary Greyson wakes up form a nightmare only to realize that she really is in a nightmare. She is alone, naked and strapped to a bed. She has no memory of who she is, how she got to be where she's at and has completely lost her memory. She soon discovers that she's at the mercy of Dr. Morrison, Monica and Dr. Bentley. Are they real doctors? Are these people really here to help Hillary? Or are these people psychotic and bent on torturing a teenage girl? How long will her nightmare last?


At 4% in I was already pretty grossed out and woke my husband up in the middle of the night say "Oh my GOD! What the FUCK!!! 

At 12% the POV switched so much I was thoroughly confused as to who I was reading. 

At 15% I was begging for no pedophilia. And Monica has some seriously fucked up morals. I'm paraphrasing here but it was pretty much like this; "Oh, it's totally fine to use a child for unethical science experiments but I draw the line inappropriate touching." Really? 

"He was conflicted between his intense yearning to touch her and his duties as a professional doctor... not to mention his marital vows."


At about 50% in shit really starts happening. I thought I had a hard time at the beginning... well Im about to get a lollipop triple dipped in psycho. 


At 71% is where I almost threw in the towel. I had to take breaks and almost put it down for good. This is just so fucked up and twisted and downright evil. 

Stuff happens that makes me want to run screaming down the street! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! You can't!!! STOP!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!!

I feel the following can be best described in a series of gifs. 









Overall, it was a great book. It took me to a place I've never gone before and I'm not sure I can go again. I need a therapist a priest a shower and a Disney movie STAT! I wanted to read with my eyes closed, it made me cringe and loose my appetite. Only a great author can pull this much emotion out of me. Sobravo Angel Gelique! Bravo! At this point I don't think I can finish the series. I may come back to it later down the road but for now I have to put my melted brain back together. 

Thank you to JaHy and Barbara for the encouragement and support to keep going.