The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers

Brian the attorney puts an ad in the Metrolink looking to meet someone on Wednesdays and just kiss for an hour. No strings attached and he wont touch. 
Carrie the librarian is happy but feels life is just moving on around her. Carrie is intrigued by this "Wednesdays Only" ad she sees on Metrolink and actually responds not thinking she will really get a reply. 


What a beautiful story about life and love. This is such an amazing read. This is so well written that it doesn't feel like a novella. It may be short but there is so much meaning packed into this little read. I really didnt want this to end. I got butterflies in my tummy and tears in my eyes while reading and I haven't gotten that feeling while reading in a long time. 



I love the first meeting in the park when they first kiss. That is the most beautiful description of a kiss that I felt like I was feeling it for myself. There was an instant connection between Brian and Carrie and you can feel every little electrical current running through their bodies. Brian has responsibilities that take up most of his time. Carrie won't give up and knows there is more to this Wednesdays only and continues to wait for him on Wednesdays. The sensual moments between the two are seriously hot but definitely does not overshadow the story. 

I think every little part of this book has meaning and this book is my Story Guy and one that I will never forget.