Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison

Wow! Goblins, Faeries and Dragons oh my! I wasn’t sure about this book at first, but after the 2nd chapter I was hooked. Dragos is a stubborn alpha male who is super protective and as old at time. Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t know anything about living in modern times. If you’re that old, how is it that you have never tried a slurpee or twizzlers? 

Pia is trying hard to be a low profile kind of girl who just wants to be in charge of her own life but also have a sense of belonging.

This book is so good! I’m really excited to continue the series. My only beef with this book is some of the vocabulary is difficult and I had to look a lot of stuff up and ask my husband to pronounce some of the words. Overall the romance and story are really good and there is a lot of really good sexy, yummy, OMG let’s do it again sex.

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