Long Hard Ride - Lorelei James

Oh, this book is full of sex and a little bit of story with more SEX, wrapped up with a giant sex covered bow!



Three cowboys on the rodeo circuit looking for a buckle bunny roadie to travel with for a week and submit to their sexual desires. Colby, Trevor and Edger hook up with Channing who's looking for a sexual adventure before she goes back to her city life. 

Not really sure how to start... Colby is crushing on Channing. Colby and Trevor tag team Channing. Edger seems pissed that Channings there. 

Then there is a lot of this...



and more... 



and don't forget the... 


Then... Oh... my... sweet... balls of justice it cant be! Oh but it is soooo sweet!



Trevor and Edger are my special bonus in this sinfully fantastic book! 
Overall, this book is just loaded to the gills with sweet, dirty, hard and in your face sex. Its well written and does not leave you wanting for nothing. I even got a little teary at the end. I really loved it and cant wait to read the rest of the series.


Source: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Naughty-Book-Snitch/284752621575574