Hunted: A Sultry Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (An Adult Fairy Tale Novel) - Cerys du Lys

This story is not for everyone. There is lots of kinky fuckery going on here. Its definitely not your typical romance, heck not even a typical erotic romance. With that said you should go into this with an open mind and just enjoy the crazy ride.




Lets see... where do I start. You have Everett the beast who was cursed by a witch he had wronged. Danya, a poor girl trying to support her father and sisters after her mother abandoned them. Danya also sleeps with some of the towns people to get better deals for her dads shop and make money for her family to survive. You have a magically enchanted mansion with household items with a solid sex drive. There are witches, fallen angels and succubus oh my! 

I dont think Ive ever read a book with this many orgasms in it. Danya and Alena were like walking clits. If you touched them they would bust out an orgasm. There were some funny parts and the thought of the Beast breaking into Danyas home and her catching him sniffing her panties just made me giggle.

Overall, this was a good read. Im putting this under my two finger, one handed read. Im not really sure I want to call it porn... but no matter what, I really enjoyed it.