Her Eternal Rogue - Gina Danna

Quick summary: Lady Lavinia is kidnapped by French pirates who intend to sell her into prostitution, rescued by a hunky vampire pirate "Captain Alexander Sword", falls in love with the vampire pirate Sword and is returned home to her betrothed Nichols with no memory of Captain Alexander Sword and what they did together and now she has a hole in her heart and has no idea why.



What an exciting and imaginative story! There was NEVER a dull moment in this book. This is my first regency, paranormal, pirate romance and let me just say... WOW! Where have these books been hiding and where can I find more?


Lavinia Sinclair grated on my nerves a little at first and I think maybe because of this era she is proper and looks down her nose at people who are not in the same station as her. I know... this is true to the time and the way people are supposed to act. Of course that is not her entire personality but there were a few times where she acted this way. However, Lavinia and Alexander together worked for me and let me just say it was hot and I love them both.




Alexander Sword the vampire pirate, alpha male who claims Lavinia for his own while on his ship to protect her from his pirate crew. He was brought up in proper society until the age of 15 so he knows how to be a perfect gentleman on the outside and when he really needs to put on the charm. Don't let that fool you. He is an alpha bad boy through and through, who will take what he wants.




Alexander and Lavinia's romance was believable and I hurt and loved for both of them. At times I really didn't like Nicholas (Lavinia's betrothed) but then his internal turmoil about Lavinia and their situation made me feel sorry for him and made me understand what he was going through. With that being said that is no excuse for some of the things he did.



Overall, I'm giving it 4.5 stars and only because of... (not going to give it away) Otherwise, fan-flipin-tastic! Sex, story, romance, action and suspense and did I mention the SEX... is amazing! I will definitely be reading more from this author.             


I received a copy of this book from To the Bitter End Publishing and Gina Danna via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.