Thou Shall Not - Tina Glasneck

Normally with a warning like the one I listed above I would absolutely stay away from this. However, the story was interesting enough and I think some people will really like it just based off the mystery/thriller. 

There is a HUGE cast of characters in this book and its confusing at times and difficult to keep track of everyone. A lot of characters are relevant to the story and others are leaving me scratching my head. Maybe it would have been easier to follow and made the story more interesting if the unnecessary babble or back story about characters that are not relevant to the story line in this book were just taken out or left in the background like the needed to be. For me, its ok to introduce the characters now, but I don't need to know every single thing that's going on in their lives right now. When we got to read the killer's POV it was twisted, creepy and good, but the rest of the story sort of dragged for me. 

Alexandria "Xandy" Caras was accused of murdering her fiancé and then charges were dropped. There really isn't a lot of information about this crime. Its sort of skimmed over. Well, you do get more information at the end, but its still doesn't come full circle. Xandy must have some serious voodoo punanny because it seems like guys just fall in love with her at first sight even though her character doesn't act like she's got the punanny gift. 



Overall, the concept of the story was very interesting but I personally wanted more action (sex and suspense). Hell, at this point I could skip the sex and just have more suspense and thriller action. Do something besides go to work! I guess I was expecting a Dean Koontz story with lots of hot sex and I absolutely did not get that. The book really picked up for me right at 85% through. I still don't know whats going on and I still have so many unanswered questions. But I liked the book enough and would recommend it to someone who likes mystery's and is ok with waiting for the next book to come out. But there really wasn't any thriller or romance.


I received a copy of this book from Vie La Publishing House, LLC and Tina Glasneck via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.