The Crimson Outlaw - Alex Beecroft

Vali is the son of a powerful and ruthless lord. Vali made and attempt to save his sister from an arranged marriage to a man with a mangled face and the same age as their father. When things didn't turn out the way he had planned, Vali's father beat him near death and threw him in the dungeon. Vali then escaped and went out to find his own path. It was then he befriended the some of the towns people and really found out how cruel and merciless his father really is. 

The book started out very interesting and hooked me right out of the gate. There was a purpose and self discovery and charting your own course and then... nothing really. Actually, after Vali and Mihai's first encounter together (which was pretty good) that is when the story just dwindled downhill. It was interesting enough that I finished the book but I found myself nodding off occasionally. The relationship between Vali and Mihai could have been so much greater and I personally wanted more interaction between them. I didn't feel any real emotions between them and the little bit of sex they did have was just ok, but not great. 

The book isn't bad and the story is interesting but I just needed more. I'm not exactly sure what "more" is though. Maybe I needed more action? More sex? More of a believable relationship between Vali and Mihai? I don't know. I will say that the book is well written and I really like the fact that its unique and takes place in Romania. However, I really don't like the cover and I think that it will turn a lot of people away. I am a cover whore and I decided to give this book a chance because the blurb sounded interesting. I'm happy I did, but would recommend a cover change. 

I received a copy of this book from Riptide Publishing and Alex Beecroft via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.