First Love - C.J. Harte


Drew is a rodeo country girl from Wyoming who went off to college to become a physician. Jordan is city girl who happens to be the President's daughter and is in college to become an engineer. Jordan hires Drew to be her tutor and over time they become best friends and eventually lovers. 

Not really sure where to start. I really loved this sweet and beautiful story about love and self discovery. I really loved both of these characters. Drew is sassy, tough, sweet, focused, and loyal. Jordan has lived in a gilded cage all her life and has been told what to do, what to like and how to act. She is beautiful, naive, headstrong, lonely and confused about new feelings she has about her tutor Drew. 

This is Drew and Jordan's story but my heart was mostly with Jordan. She has never really had a true friend and has lived a sheltered life. Jordan starts to have feelings for Drew but doesn't understand them and they go against everything she knows. Jordan deals with a lot of new emotions, friendship, love and loyalty to her family. She is constantly around close minded people who only see what they want to see and hate anything that is not "normal" to them.

Overall, I really enjoyed this read. The sex and story are good and Im so happy that the sex goes behind the door and between the sheets. I am in love with Drew and Jordan... and don't forget Mark (he is simply fabulous). I'm also glad that I'm not surrounded by close minded people that use derogatory terms to describe something so beautiful.