Westin's Chase - Cristin Harber

Another great book from Harber! Jared and Sugar are both bull headed and don't wait for anyone's help. They do what they want and I love that everyone calls Jared The Master of Everything. Jarred is calm and cool in stressful situations but Sugar can really test his limits... and believe me, they are tested! This book is action packed and has amazing sex scenes. The chemistry between Jared and Sugar is spot on and totally believable. Great series and I can't wait to read Brock's story. 


Jared and Sugar's first time together... SO GOOD


Sugar during the "game". 
"You wanted a game."
"I wanted sex, maybe with a little slap and tickle. Wasn't that clear?"



Jared... also known as The Master of Everything 
"I love you, Sugar. You're mine. That's about as real and honest as it gets. Not sure that either of us had a choice. Life presents facts, and this is one. I was born to be with you. Hell, I only existed before I chased you down. Held you to me. Made you love me. And now I live."