Hers To Command: 1 (Verdantia) - Patricia A. Knight


Wow! What an erotically nice surprise! When I first started I was a little lost and confused. However, as the story progressed it started to make more sense and it was hard to put down. It was like reading an erotic retelling of Star Wars and the main focus was to create sustainable energy through performing the Great Rite. Which is basically having sex that creates energy. But... not just anyone can do this and be successful. You have to have training and discipline. So the planet depends on Ari, Doral and Fleur to spend a lot of time together having crazy hot, sweaty, panty melting sex. Oh sweet mercy the sex in this book is off the chart HAWT! I loved it! 



I really enjoyed the characters also. Ari, Fleur and Doral. Fleur was a little annoying with her pouting and some of her weird off the wall comments. Doral has a complicated and dark history and I really wanted to learn more about that. Ari just commands your attention when ever hes in a room. Ari the alpha, Doral the assassin and Fleur the innocent and curious princess. Such a fantastic read! The one thing I feel that would have been really helpful is a glossary at the beginning. I think it would have really helped me understand the story a lot better. 

Overall, I loved it. Yummy, filthy, sexy, panty flinging hot sex, interesting sci-fi story and great characters. Im filing this under the 2 finger, 1 handed read category.