CLIFF HANGER AND NO HEA!! Personal waste of time.

This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas





Well, that was a complete waste of time. This started off really strong. Both Ava and Jesse were great characters and the attraction then sex between the two was scorching hot. Then... well... at about 35% in, Ava went straight up teenager and started accusing Jesse of things in her head that he's never done and taking it out on him. Then Jesse went creepy alpha stalker with abusive qualities thrown in (disclaimer... there was no physical abuse of any kind in this book, unless you count the abuse my eyeballs and brain took from reading this.)




I almost stopped reading this but I kept with it, keeping my fingers crossed that it would get better. At about 89% I started to become slightly interested again and it started to look like I might get some questions answered and maybe we could wrap up this train wreck. NOPE! The only thing I found out, was what I had figured out in the very beginning, and that was [spoiler]DUH, he runs a sex club.[/spoiler] However, we don't get any of the dirty little details.


Also, maybe you should get to know someone a little bit before you start proclaiming your "love" for them. I mean, it was so backwards. You meet, have sex, have anal sex on your second encounter, fall in "love" and then go out on a "date"? For goodness sakes... you don't know how old he is, what's his middle name, when's his birthday, what's his favorite color, what kind of business he's in. When they first met and he was telling her how he wanted the rooms decorated with the large ceiling beams... my first thought for the book was.. "Oh sex swings and bondage! This book is going to be fantastic". In real life my thoughts were "RUN! He's going to murder you and hang you from the ceiling!" 




Another thing I didn't like about this book is the type of words used or the way they were used. I totally understand that this is a British author and they say things differently than we do. However, the word "Lady" is like nails on a chalk board when using it they way Jesse continued to use it. "Making Friends"? What the hell is that? It's very childlike and elementary to me. Call it what it is... makeup sex or just making up! Oh and the double standards... Ava cant use bad language, however Jesse tells her to stop using bad language, while using bad language to tell her this. 
Ava: FVCK! 
Jesse: Watch your FVCKING mouth!

Oh and Sarah? Who dat b!tch? I know he said she's a friend and she works for him... Ava needs to grow a backbone and tell that hoe off. Then confront Jesse about it. Did you sleep with her? If so, that's cool because it's in the past right? What's her story and why is she warning me away from you? Why does she have your cell phone? SO FRUSTRATING!!! 

Then the so called "bonus chapter" really did it for me. Im ready to jump out a window and never read this author again. It was the SAME story told from his POV!! Really? Give me something else! Give me a reason to read the next book!




What would have made this entire book better is the dirty details and less page filler. Maybe Ava could have found out about the [spoiler] sex club[/spoiler] at about 40% to 50% in and then we get to see how they work through this. Will she stay? Is she intrigued by the taboo? What exactly is his role in the hotel? WHY oh WHY won't he tell Ava how old he is? Seriously its not that big of a deal. I mean he obviously doesn't look or act like an old man and he has the stamina of a 21 year old. SO WTF? She's still having sex with you... I mean... a lot of sex! Oh and where in the world is all the birth control going? 


Overall... I did not like it for me. I was completely disappointed! Like I said before, it started off strong and then I got knocked out with how boring it was. It was a complete waste of my time. Most of the book is fluff and writing for the sake of writing. I mean, the extra writing does not allow you to get to know your characters any better. Its all damn page filler and no content. There is sex and LOTS of it, but there is no story. With that being said... its a HOT mess! Im left with a Cliff Hanger, No HEA and none of my questions answered. This series is dead to me. 





I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.