The Rogue's Proposal - Jennifer Haymore

Oh, this was a good one! Ive never read anything by Jennifer Haymore but she now has a new fan. The Rogues Proposal is the 2nd book in the House of Trent series. I have not read the first one yet, but I plan to. This book works well as a standalone too. I was never lost and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 

I love Luke and Emma!! Luke feels like he's been living under his brothers shadow his entire life. Luke has a complicated and dark past and he's trying to work through his demons. Even though Luke thinks he's evil, deep down he is kind, caring, a real gentleman and a beast in bed. *waggles eyebrows* Emma is a widow who's devoted to her family and trying to make sure they are taken care of. Her late husband's business partner murdered him and stole her family's fortune. Emma seeks out Lord Lukas Hawkins to help her track down her husband's killer and get her family's money back. The man that murdered Emma's husband is also the man who was with Luke's mother before she disappeared 6 months ago. 

This story is amazing! I was pulled in from the very beginning and the connection Luke and Emma have is sweet and.... not so innocent. There is some surprising twists in the book and I was constantly intrigued and I even cried a little. This is a difficult one to put down. Haymore really knows how to write a sex scene and there are a lot of them. Each sexual encounter Luke and Emma had were intense. I actually felt Luke and Emma falling in love and was cheering for them from the very beginning. 

Oh and one more thing... Luke says to Emma shortly after they meet for the first time: "But I have a condition of my own. I can offer you the heights of pleasure, Mrs. Emma Curtis. If, you at some point during the term of our agreement, you were to beg... I promise, I'll not deny you."

Luke: "I want you, Emma. I have since that first night. Every single night, my body is an inferno burning just for you. And every night I deny it. Every night I suffer. Will you beg? Will you relieve my suffering?" 

Luke (my personal favorite line): "I have done things to women that would horrify you. I've taken them two at a time. I've shared with other men. I've participated in orgies." 

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.