Gambled: A Titan Novella - Cristin Harber

I wasn't really sure about this story line when I first sat down to read it. I've never read a romance where the couple is already married and then I wasn't really sure I would like Brocks story. Well, well, well... there is a reason why I like Cristin Harber and its because she can write damn good books! 

Smack my ass and call me Sarah! This book picks up right where Westin's Chase ended. Brock betrayed Titan in order to save his wife and kids. Brock had all but killed his friendship with Jared and when it was all said and done, destroyed his marriage and lost his kids. Brock was at rock bottom. 

I've gotta say that I felt really bad for Brock because he was only doing what he thought was right. He would and did do anything it took to save his family. I absolutely loved Brock and Sarah's story. I love that they get to fall in love all over again and discover new things about each other. 

My favorite sex scene is in the back of the car, *belly butterflies* it was honest, hot, raw, wild and fierce. 


The only thing that bothered me was the ice cream. That is just a personal preference thing for me. However, I will say that it was tactfully done and well written and it didn't consume the scene so I was okay with it.

Brock has been redeemed and he deserves his HEA. This novella is only $.99 on Amazon and so worth it. Well done Harber!