Chased: A Titan Novella - Cristin Harber


Are you kidding me? Im not really sure where to begin with this and Im not sure how I can convey how much I love this little novella. There is SO much story packed into this novella that it makes you feel like you're reading a full length book. 

Jenny Chase is Sugar's sister (we met her in Westin's Chase) and Jenny has been in love with her BFF's brother Asher McIntyre for as long as she can remember. Ash is a Politician and has been focused on himself and his career. However, he's always noticed Jenny and knew she'd be a distraction. Well, not anymore! 

Holy Hotness Batman!! The characters, chemistry, the tie in with the Titan Group and the sex... just WOW! I really think Harber's writing gets better with each book.