Serafina and the Silent Vampire - Marie Treanor


Pretty good and interesting read. It sort of felt like a cross between Sookie Stackhouse and Buffy with a dash of Sherlock Holmes and adult Scooby Doo. That isn't bad, but that's just what it kind of reminds me of. 

Serafina is a multitalented psychic who speaks to the dead. She's been hired by a family to seek out their son's stalker who they believe is a vampire. Which Sera doesn't believe in vampires... until she meets Blair the silent vampire. None of Sera's friends can hear Blair speak. However Sera can because she can speak to the dead. Blair is charismatic and sexy 300 year old vampire. When they Sera and Blair first meet there is an instant connection and not just the psychic connection. 

Overall, it's interesting and I will read the next book. However I would have really liked the sex scenes to be longer and more descriptive. They were a little mild for my taste. This also has a HFN ending.