Serafina and the Virtual Man - Marie Treanor


I really liked this book better than the first one. There is a really good mystery to this one and the twist and turns it takes you down are very interesting. The VR system reminds me of the holodeck on Star Trek. I really wish there was such a thing. 

Geek Jilly, who has a very disturbing past, is part of Serafina's psychic group. She is not psychic herself but is the hacker/tech specialist. Genesis Adam is part owner of the very successful gaming company named Genesis. He is somehow existing in his new virtual reality system at his best friend's house. He is trying to find out how he died and who did it. 

I know that is not really a good synopsis, however the story is so much bigger and more complicated than that. If I said any more I would give away clues and I don't like doing that. I will say that we get to see a lot of Sera and Blair, which makes me VERY happy. 

Adam: "You danced with me in Paris; we fought gangsters naked in Chicago, made love in an ornate, bad-taste bed, to say nothing of the bath. You did those things. With me. And I think... I really think you want to do them again" 






I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.