The Professional: Part 1 - Kresley Cole

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Natalie has been searching for her biological parents for the past 6 years. She's hired a PI who's finally gotten a good lead and then he disappears with all Natalie's money and information. Then while out with her friends using her "manalyzer" skills she spots Mr. GQ model/Cage fighter hot piece of Russian man walking into the bar and Natalie is at a loss for words and her manalyzer seems to be broken.


My Natalie



Sevastyan was hired by Natalie's biological father to watch over her. When there is a behind the scenes threat to Natalie's life, Sevastyan is forced to confront Natalie and take her to Russia where she will be safe.

My Sevastyan 



I cannot give this book 5 stars simply because it's a cliffhanger. I mean... part 1, 2 and 3 are all 120 pages each so why not make it one book? Seriously, is it about money because Kresley Cole is an auto buy for me and Im sure a lot of other people out there feel the same way. Everything she writes is AH-MAZIN! So, with that being said... The Professional: Part 1 is no exception. It really is a good flippin novella and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 

Kresley Cole is the master at writing about sexual situations and tension. The naughty parts of this novella are super hot and well written. Even though Natalie and Sevastyan don't now each other very well, you can feel the chemistry between them. Natalie is the educated coed and eager virgin and Sevastyan is the reluctant bodyguard with on and off again emotions towards Natalie. I would also like to say that we definitely need more 69ing in our books. There doesn't seem to be nearly enough. 

Overall, this was a fantastic read as I expected. The only thing that I don't like is that this leaves you with a cliffhanger and now I have to wait until January to read the next one. The sexual situations were HAWT and the overall story is really good. 

Favorite quotes
"Probably gets more ass than a toilet seat. But he got you to look twice, which makes him a rare and wondrous creature, this bar's very own unicorn. Requires closer investigation, don't you think?"

"When a woman singles me out, its because she wants to get fucked. She looks at the scars and tattoos and knows she'll get fucked hard."





I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.