Loving an Ugly Beast - Danielle Monsch

Nissa and Benton have been in love with each other for a few years and are best friends, but neither one has the courage to act on their feelings until the Fairy Godmother comes to intervene.

This was like a reverse Beauty and the Beast and then reversed again. This story is all about inner beauty and how it can overcome our own perceptions of ourselves and others. There are times when I thought the story was a little shallow but it quickly redeemed itself. 

SEX: I really wanted a little more dirty language in it with some descriptions of what was going on. If my characters are going to have sex I want them to tell me what they are doing. Please don't dance around it and make me guess how you got to the body part that you're currently working on. For example, I'm reading and all of the sudden her tongue is on his cock but I don't remember reading anything about how she ended up there or her working her way down to get him hard or her taking off his pants. Maybe what I'm asking for is a little more build up and tease to get me excited. With that being said... it was still hot and I really enjoyed it! 

This is supposed to be an historical and the cover gives the impression that this should be a historical romance. However, some of the language and terminology used seemed more modern to me and it may distract some readers. It bothered me at first, but I got over it because I was just enjoying the fantasy of the story. 

I really liked Nissa and Benton both. I would have liked to get a little bit of a back story on Benton and maybe a little bit more on Nissa. I thought Nissa's internal dialogue of how she wanted Benton to "mount her like a bull in heat - or any other position he cared to try" just cracked me up. There were some funny moments in this book. 

Overall, I liked it. It was a fast read and entertaining. Really a cute story with some good sex and Im looking forward to reading the rest of the series.