No words can describe how much I love this series!

Unbeautifully  - Madeline Sheehan


"Note to readers - UnBeautifully begins where Undeniable's epilogue ended. The story then backtracks to the years that passed between the last chapter and the epilogue in Undeniable, and then continues until present. Enjoy!"

And Enjoyed I did! Another fantastic book in the Undeniable series. I LOVE IT! 

"Ours was the furthest thing from a picture-perfect romance; it was more of a car crash, a metal-bending, blood-spattered disaster that left no survivors, only bad memories and heartache. But it was ours. And because it was ours... I wouldn't change a thing."






"Ripper was my rainstorm, my skin-drenching frenzy, where you couldn't tell right from left, where all you could feel was the phenomenon exploding throughout your body, feverishly burning through you even as it pleasurably cooled."

Where to begin with this beautifully tragic and gut wrenching amazing love story! 

Danny is the daughter of Deuce, the President of Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. She may seem all unicorns and rainbows Hello Kitty on the outside but this girl is hurting on the inside. Her home life is stressful, she feels lost and lonely, her mother left at an early age and her dad (Deuce) is never around and not exactly the best role model. Danny's life is about to change and how cliché is it that it changes on prom night? 






Ripper is a member of the Hell's Horseman Motorcycle Club and one of Deuces main guys. Ripper has never had a shortage of women and they seem to throw themselves at him, but he's never truly cared about any of them before. Not until Danny. Ripper has scars on the inside and outside. He was brutally attached by Eva's psychotic ex-husband Frankie which left him disfigured and emotionally fucked up. He's hatin' on the world right now and Danny seems to be the only light in his path and Deuce is the bolder he has to climb to get to her. 





Ripper and Danny together are flaming hot and you can actually feel the love they have for each other coming out of the pages. 





They have to keep their romance a secret because big daddy Deuce will not approve and will probably kill Ripper. So Ripper and Danny find places to "be together" right under his nose. 





Although this is Danny and Ripper's story, Deuce and Eva also have a lot of unfinished business and let me just say... it will piss you off and make you want to have makeup sex. Its fantastic and really wraps up a lot of unanswered questions you didn't know you had. 

Blue... I just LOVE this guy! How handy is he? Just popping up every now and then to give some crucial and life changing advice. 

ZZ! Oh my GAWD ZZ!! I love him soooo much and he deserves so much better. He also deserves to beat the shit out of Ripper and Danny! I really hope Sheehan makes this right with them. I just love ZZ so much! 

One of my favorite parts... when you get to it you'll know what Im talking about! 




I can't really say anything else without giving everything away. You just have to trust me and read the series! Its worth every cent!