Master of the Opera, ACT 1: Passionate Overture - Jeffe Kennedy

I read Master of the Opera, Act 2: Ghost Aria first so I already knew what was going to happen. However there is so much other stuff that will eventually be relevant in the later Acts so it really is important to read them in order. Shame on me

Christy, I like her. I think its funny and completely believable that she chastising herself about being a "dumb chick in the slasher movies" when she went into creepy dark spots. We've all had those thoughts when we're taking out the trash late at night or we're walking home in the dark. So I thought it was refreshing to hear her be a normal human being. I'm also intrigued by something Christy said to herself about her counselors and her mind. Hmm... whats up there. 

Roman, I've got mixed feelings about him and I don't completely trust him. Maybe its because I read the 2nd Act first, but even in the 2nd Act he did nothing that would make me suspect him. Or maybe because Charlie gave Christy a warning about Roman's man-whoring. I just don't know. I think everyone is a suspect at this point. 

Whats got me jumping up and down in my chair and trying to read as fast as I can is the emblem with a set of links dangling from it, like a collar and chain, crossed by a whip that Christy found in the bowels of the opera house. 

Great character development and I suspect everyone! I'm hooked to this fascinating retelling of Phantom of the Opera. 

"One very creeptastic and scary meeting doesn't change anything. I amend that. This makes two creeptastic and scary meetings."