The Raider - Monica McCarty

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I just LOVE Monica McCarty and I couldn't be happier with The Raider! I started this book today and never once put it down. I love it when a book can consume me and make me forget to eat or feed my family. Don't worry, they're grown

"If the knights were figures of faerie tales, the Scots were creatures of nightmares"

Robbie Boyd "The Raider" and Rosalin the English Princess are complete opposites. Robbie and some of his friends were captured by Clifford, Rosalin's brother. They were tricked by Clifford under false security of a truce. Rosalin, whose sixteen at the time, has a major crush on Robbie. She sees him for what he really is, noble and kind hearted. She inadvertently gets him and his friends in trouble and now she must free him before hes executed for a crime he didn't commit. 

Six years later Robbie and Rosalin's paths cross again and she has never forgotten about him. Robbie is hell bent on revenge and has lost sight of why he's fighting this war. Rosalin is trying to find peace between the two sides and get Robbie and Clifford to put their differences aside for her happiness. 

This book has kidnapping, Rosalin's womanly charms and eye batting and an incredible fight scene that will leave your mouth dropping to the floor! I'm still in shock after that one. 

My reaction after the fight scene












And lets not forget about the sex! Oh, it took a while to get there but it was worth the wait. I especially love the hike. *waggles eyebrows*

I highly recommend this entire series to anyone with eyes

"The war was black and white for him. The English were the enemy, and they deserved his hatred. But she... she made him see gray"