Amazon Freebie Short Story FAIL!

A Lesbian Prostitute Servicing Lesbians: Her Story Continues (Part 2) - Kander Bumpo

Ok, here we go... 





Nope. I did not care for this tiny little mess. This could have been really good. It would have been better if it was straight eye porn but it wasn't. We only get one sex scene? Really!?! If you're going to title a book like this then there should be some kinky fuckery going on and it should be pretty constant. 






It seems like the author made an attempt at a story. It was a tragic and complete failure. I know this is only a 27 page short story but I've read some hot and entertaining short stories done in that time. The characters are all one dimensional and lacked any sort of real human emotion. For example.. Paige is murdered and Laura comes in while the police are questioning Samantha and says all nonchalantly and with no emotion..."Samantha, I overheard about Paige. Do you know that the new janitor never showed up for work this morning?" That's just one example. Another one is that Samantha is an awful manager. If you have an employee complain about another employee you do not tell the complainer that "OK, Meghan. As much as I hate to do it, I guess I should let him go. I've already given him a chance."  AND anything with a penis is evil! Ugg! I know this is probably petty stuff, but it grinds on my nerves! 


Here is a list of short stories that worked for me:
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