Club Shadowlands  - Cherise Sinclair

Wow! Just... wow! This was a super hot quick read and I loved it! Makes me wonder what I would do if I were ever in a situation like that. Hmm... well. Im hooked and now ready to buy the rest of the series. 

When I first started reading all I could think about was Rocky Horror Picture Show. Its raining and your car breaks down or goes off into a watery ditch and you come across this mansion in the middle of nowhere. The butler answers the door and Jessica describes him looking like a rottweiler so all I can picture is Riff Raff. Then Jessica bumps into Master Z who looks nothing like Dr. Frank N Furter and more like an Adonis God. Master Z offers Jessica to stay in the foyer with the rottweiler or sign some release papers and join his private party. Well, Jessica jumps down the rabbit hole and we are treated with her story. 

I don't think this book was heavy on the BDSM or D/s relationship. It was very well written and doesn't make you feel weighted down by this genre (I hope I explained that right).

Master Z... Oh he is the BEST Dom I think I've ever read! 


I'm really looking forward to reading about all the secondary characters.



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