Ecstasy Unbound (The Guardians of the Realms Series) (Volume 1) - Setta Jay

Setta Jay… you dirty little bird you! I likey : )) What a fantastic start to what Im sure will be an amazing series. You know how you can tell you’re reading a fantasy? Its not the telekinesis or the transporting from realm to realm. Its not that there are Gods and Demi-Gods or mating frenzy’s or even hell hounds. Nope. How you can tell you’re reading a fantasy, is when a man tells you that he will financially support your shoe habit and he means it. I think I fell a little bit more in love with Uri when he agreed to this.

lick your face

Lets see if I can attempt to explain what the story is about. The Gods have really messed up the realms and were doing terrible things to other Immortals. So the “Creator” has charged 11 Guardians to watch over the realms while the Gods are punished and put to sleep until they’re needed again. This story is about Urian and Alexandra (Alex). These two have been eyefucking each other for centuries. Urian and his fellow Guardian and friend, Gregoire visit BDSM clubs and have sex with human females and sometimes Alex will show up and watch (Mmmm, delicious and hawt!)

Alex has “visions” or “mind hops” and tries to help this woman she knows has been kidnapped and is currently being tortured. Well, then shit start to happen and that’s all I can really say without giving anything away.

This book has a good story, very dirty and delicious sex, hot hunky men with HUGE members, sexy, strong and smart women, Immortals with some mythology background and light BDSM undertones. From the prologue I was hooked. I had very clear visuals in my head on how the world/realm looked. Then right off the bat we’re treated to an awesome kinky sex scene in the club! Oh my sweet perverted little mind… it was really good. Bravo Setta Jay, Bravo!

kitty spank

Now for some of the things that I didnt like. There is a huge cast of characters and a lot of confusing names and places. It was difficult to keep everyone straight. It would have made it a lot easier to keep track if there was a glossary of terms, names of people and places and what their job/duty/rank/race and realm is. Also I got really tired of hearing how tall all the men were. It was nice, but not necessary.

Overall I flippin loved this book! The sex is super charged hot, the characters are well developed, the story line is unique and interesting and it has a little humor thrown in. I had a couple of laugh out loud moments and I love it when that happens. When Alex and Uri first get together you can almost feel the sexual need pouring out of the pages. I do need to warn you about a rape scene that some people may have a hard time with. However, the way it played out sort of left me conflicted on my feelings about it. You just have read it to understand what Im talking about because I sort of enjoyed it, but I didn’t at the same time. Uri’s fellow Guardian, Gregoire is someone I cant wait to read more about. His “member” is described to favor his equine half *waggles eyebrows* and I want to ride him like a rodeo queen. I can not wait to read his book!! Im also extremely interested in finding out what happens to Erik and Sam.

Gregoire... I have one thing to say to you and your huge member!
lets bang

Some of my favorite quotes:

“That’s it Vane!!!! The next time you take my straightener, I’m going to plug it in and attach it to your balls.” 

“Keep eating me up with those eyes, little goddess, and Ill be so deep inside that hot little pussy you wont remember what you came here for.” 

“I plan to bury every inch of my cock inside all that wet heat.”

Cast of Characters:
Draken ~ son of the Aphrodite and Immortal half dragon/leader of the Guardians
Cyril son of Appolo
Realm of Corrupt Souls
Realm of Pure Souls
Realm of Humanity and Tetartos
Aletheia race
Mageias (witches/mates for immortals)

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.