Hot, sexy, great quick read!

Payce's Passions - Piper Kay

When I sit down to start a Piper Kay book, I know I'm in for a treat. I know it will be good and I know I can count on some hot and heavy sex! 

Where to start... Well, Pacey's passion picks up where A Perfect Passion left off. Payce and Braxton have a history that's left them both feeling emotionally empty. Best friends turned into one night of passion between the two of them and then they're separated by ego and misunderstanding. After seven years apart Payce and Brax will be forced to deal with their history. 

We immediately start with Damien and Dax. I thought it was strange that they got such a big part at the beginning and we didn't get to see how or why Payce comes into the picture until chapter 3. However, it does all come together and is important to the story line, so I'm ok with it. Plus I really LOVE Team DD or (Daxien)!! 

"Goddamn he smells so fucking fuckable."

I really need to talk about how Piper Kay writes a sex scene. Ummm FUCK YA!! Holy cock-grab sneak attacks, glitter dicks and bumping nasties, I was ready to start humping my kindle. When Payce and Brax first touch... it was explosive and perfect! I thought that entire scene was well written and PERFECT. Definitely a 2 finger 1 handed read moment! Actually I could say that about all the sex scenes. I think my feelings about the sex scenes that Piper Kay writes can be best described in a series of gifs. 

hottest kiss in the world

bed kiss

gay sex it hot



pussy fan

Here are a few quotes if you're not convinced from the gifs... 

"Just the way he eye fucks me makes my cock stiffen with a twinge, and a chill shoots down my spine; I erupt in goose bumps. He presses against his own cock, I know he's trying to calm the ache behind the boxers, but I don't want him calming anything right now."

"I don't yell, Brax, but if you keep talking and moaning like that, you're going to be on your knees in front of me sucking me off."

There are a lot of funny parts in this little novella and I'm pretty sure most of them are centered around Sparky. Sparky, aka Serge, is my favorite side character. I love his little flaming ass!(Side note: read the Epilogue: Passions Pride) The entire cast is pretty funny but Sparky is really the icing on the cake. 

"Shit, I'm surprised my glowing halo didn't blind you fuckers when I walked in."

"It's a wonder I don't stay in permanent boner mode when he's around."

"I told you that you couldn't handle me, mother fucker."

Now for some of the things I didn't like. Aaron, why oh why did we have to bring Aaron back? I get it... he is the connection in the story but he didn't really do anything significant except continue to get the shit beat out of him. And the way Brax an Payce were talking about him when they were young, I almost felt sorry for him and wanted him to redeem himself. I thought that the story line was ok but could have been stronger if taken in a different direction. 

What direction? I have no idea. Maybe someone from prison is trying to kill Brax to get at Payce. Maybe Brax was a witness to a murder and that's why they keep pushing each other away... to protect the other. Hell maybe they need to go on a journey through middle earth to destroy a ring that could end the world as we know it. Then along the way they could meet up with a community of sexy ass male elves who are masters of pleasure and passion and all they want to do is have awesome orgies and show you how fun kinky is. There can be wizards who create spells that give you crazy multiple orgasms and make you last all night until you pass out... Oh... sorry, I just spaced off in my own little world for a minute. 

Overall, I really liked it. Piper Kay has a fantastic talent and I love reading whatever she writes. Her stories are good, characters are strong and her sex scenes are amazing! 

I just have one thing left to say to Piper Kay... 
Thank you